NIC does not connect after installation


I recently moved my installation from a HP Compaq to a dell Poweredge 850 and then my problems started. The installation was performing as my squid for my network; and was running openSuse 12.4. First of all the screen’s resolution was too low i believe its 640 by 600 and i have searched for a gui console too do the adjustment. then i now discovered that one of the network cards that was connected to the modem was reading that it was not connected even though it was.

I now took the lazy man’s way out and did an upgrade to OpenSuSE 13.1 and exactly the same thing is still happening! the 1st NIC is refusing to connect when plugged and then the 2nd NIC is ok! and also the screen’s resolution was too low i believe its 640 by 600!

I have searched for any similar problems of this sort and could not find any. Although i found out from a mere glance at goole querying that it seems that HP seems to be more compatitible with OpenSuSE than Dell as i can see more problems with Dells than with any HP systems and also i can see on many review pages that they have actually tested the HP pcs with OpenSuSE than with Dells! Please i stand to be corrected.

You want the openSUSE forums which are located at This forum is for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (