No out of memory error while deploying a k8s job on rancher

Hi All,

I am new to this k8s world.

While deploying a k8s job and monitoring it in grafana, even after specifying the resources ( request and limits for vCPU and RAM ), the actual value went up above the limit and there was not out of memory error.

Kindly help if i have missed something in configuration.

Nitin Vij

If the actual value went above the limit after the Job was no longer Running, it could be related to the issue noted in

If that’s not the case, can you provide more information about the environment that you experienced this issue within? If you could fill out an issue template and submit it that would be great!

Hi aiyengar2,

thanks for the reply, the actual value went above the limit at the runtime, as also seen in the grafana dashboard snapshot, attached in my post. I have also filled the issue template for the same.