Node selector on rancher-monitoring

I have installed rancher-monitoring app and it works great. But I can’t find the place to change the node selector for prometheus, alertmanager and grafana.
I have tried update the node selector in Cluster Manager, but it didn’t save after clicked “save” button.
Any idea?

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Update in Cluster Explorer:

StatefulSet.apps "prometheus-rancher-monitoring-prometheus" is invalid: [spec.selector.matchLabels: Invalid value: "deployment-cattle-monitoring-system-prometheus-rancher-monitoring-prometheus": must be no more than 63 characters, spec.selector: Invalid value: v1.LabelSelector{MatchLabels:map[string]string{"":"deployment-cattle-monitoring-system-prometheus-rancher-monitoring-prometheus"}, MatchExpressions:[]v1.LabelSelectorRequirement(nil)}, spec: Forbidden: updates to statefulset spec for fields other than 'replicas', 'template', and 'updateStrategy' are forbidden]