Nodes Missing in Graphana Dashboards

I have several clusters and several Rancher instances running, but currently I am about to migrate our infrastructure from 2.2.x to 2.4.x. In the production and preprod environments (old/new) I have enabled Monitoring (default values). I have observed that on all clusters except the new preprod one, only one node is listed in the dropdown “Host” of the “Nodes” dashboard. I have two node pools in each cluster, and in the one that lists all nodes the node name prefix is equal for all nodes, which leads me tot the assumption that different node prefixes are the reason why only one node (the one of the second node pool) is listed. If this is the case, how can I get Prometheus/Grafana to collect and display data from all nodes in the cluster? Unfortunately I have neither found any documentation nor an issue that enlightens this situation.

Hi @remigius, 2.2.x is no longer supported by Rancher. If you still encounter this error in 2.4.x after upgrading, please file an issue with us so we can take a look!