Noob getting started

I have a series of micro-services (node, spring boot, mongo, etc) that I eventually want to run via AWS. However, I have never actually deployed services and I recently came across Rancher. I am familiar with Docker and am learning Kuebernetes, but putting the pieces together is taking some learning. My apologies if these are answered elsewhere:

  1. Is Rancher suitable for running as a dev/qa server so that I can test my services easily before moving over to AWS?
  2. I am thinking I run a single local Linux box Ranch cluster before deploying to AWS.
  3. If I run Rancher via Docker on my dev/qa box - can I have it also act as my CI/CD server ?
  4. If anyone has a really basic how-to for deploying Spring Boot Services & db to a local Rancher, I would really appreciate the link.