Noob question about priority and fairness message

Hi All,

Noob question as i still fairly new on this kubernetes, Rancher and docker.
Below is screenshot from my cluster consist of 1 master and 3 worker on RKE1 with longhorn, grafana system and AzureArc install. This cluster install on 4 separate VM with no production workload (only for testing and learning purpose).

Longhorn and Grafana install using build in helm chart on Rancher GUI.

I just wondering, can someone explain to me in oversimply way, what the message that popup after i run kubectl command as per screenshot? based on what i research, it something to do with API recall fairness (correct me if i wrong). Additionally, is there any way i can remove this message?

Just for try and error, I try to remove Grafana installation using rancher GUI and the client side throttling message gone after i remove the grafana.

Hope someone can assist me on this and Thank you.
(english is not my primary language and i sorry if i type anything grammatically wrong)