Not able to create container using centos image only


When i try to create Centos container i am getting the following error.

Error detecting OS: Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available. Last error: Maximum number of retries (60) exceeded

The image is been pulled from openstack.

CentOs containers or hosts?

I’ve seen this issue when people try to add host, but this is a docker-machine error.

We are just calling docker-machine commands to create hosts. Are you able to grab the docker-machine command in the rancher/server logs and launch the same command on your host?

We are currently packaging docker-machine v0.6.0 in Rancher server, so you’d want to use that same version when testing it out.

Hello Denise,

I am trying to create a HOST using centos. But we are getting this following error

Error running provisioning: exit status 255

Also I could see the docker-machine is v0.6.0 in rancher server. So kindly let me know how to fix this error.

Viknesh G

Also to add, I am able to load ubuntu images of all versions but when i use CentOS its not coming up.

Docker-machine does roughly 5 things:

  1. Call the provider API to create a VM given a generated SSH key
  2. Get the IP address of the new VM
  3. SSH to the VM using the key
  4. Run commands to install Docker
  5. Run the command we provide to register the VM as a host in Rancher

The IP address returned in 2 must be reachable from the server container (running docker-machine) for it to be able to SSH. So make sure it is getting a reachable IP, and that security groups allow access.