Not all the downloaded product are listed in mgr-create-bootstrap-repo

I’m a novice in Suse Manager and I’ve installed a brand new server in v4.1.
In Admin-> products I’ve flagged SLES12SP4, SP5, SLES15SP1, SLES15SP2,SUMA SERVER 4.1 and SUMA PROXY 4.1. All the products seems to be completely downloaded ( product channel synced and child products channels synced ). But if I run mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -l to create the boostrap repo I have only these options:

  1. SLE-12-SP5-x86_64
  2. SLE-15-SP1-x86_64
  3. SLE-15-SP2-x86_64
  4. SUMA-41-PROXY-x86_64
    SLES12SP4 and SUMA SERVER 4.1 are missing, and I don’t understand. I’ve to check somewhere for errors? May I re-run something to see if this list will be complete?
    Any suggestion and explanation will be really well accepted

Is this still the case? Maybe the missing products were still synchronizing?
As a side note, bootstrap repositories are created automagically once the channel sync is complete, you should not need to create them manually.

all the products are in sync, but should be that I can’t see SLES12SP4 ( not SLES12SP4 for SAP ) is out of support ???
Thanks in advance for any suggestion

Yes, that might be it. You should still see it if you get LTSS for SLES 12 SP4.