Error generating bootstrap repo

We are getting permanent errors “Error generating bootstrap repo for: …” for any product on SUMA 4.1.2. Usually it boils down to “ERROR: package ‘python-asn1crypto’ not found ERROR: package ‘python-packaging’ not found”. Which non-standard repo contains these required packages?

Those should be python[2,3]-asn1crypto and python[2,3]-packaging depending on the repository bootstrap your creating. If the likes of SLE 12 releases, then they would be python-[name].

The errors are identical for every single bootstrap repo (SLES11/12/15), e.g.:
“Error generating bootstrap repo for: SLE-12-SP3-x86_64 - ERROR: package ‘python-asn1crypto’ not found ERROR: package ‘python-packaging’ not found”
It’s definitely missing repos; I have added “SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12 SP3 x86_64” to what happens.
Thank you.

@oackerma I suspect it’s a bug, in SLE 15 it should be python3… Are you in a position to open a Support Request? For SLE 12 SP3 it would be LTSS, but if you log into the SUSE Customer Center and under My Tools → packages you can search the release, arch and seach for the package, I see 10 hits for python-asn1crypto :wink:

You are right, the errors should complain about “python3-packaging”, etc, but these are already installed. I will open a SR.
Thank you.

Can you confirm this was a bug or did you do something wrong? Getting the same here in Suma 4.1.4

Do you have a solution now?