Ntp config in RancherOS

There was a post from July in which someone asked how to setup ntpd to use specific ntp servers. The answer was that ntp had been broken and that it would be fixed maybe in 0.3.4.

Is there now a way to specify configuration into the system-docker ntp container to force ntpd to sync with specific servers? For valid reasons :slight_smile: I don’t want my docker hosts reaching out to the internet to sync their clocks.



Currently, in the v0.4.2, there is no way to do this. Please feel free to open a Github request if you would like this enhancement.

Also, apologies for the late reply.

I have three hosts (vmware, kvm, hardware). With kvm and hardware I have the same utc time, but vmware VM have a time diff!
Sync time with ntp servers would be great. Is it possible with RancherOS 0.4.5+ to set timezone?