Setting ntp servers and proxy server in system-docker


How can I set ntp servers and proxy for system-docker?
For docker I can set a proxy and works well but for system-docker can’t.
I want use my ntp servers and not find where set or alter settings of them.

thanks in advance

If possible I want to know the startup sequence of RancherOs too.

I am having a similar problem. The RancherOS ntp container restarts w/o setting the time from the pool ntpd servers.

I would like to use a local ntpd server.

Also, on a bare-metal install, there is no way to set the hwclock (no /dev/rtc).


Sadly, turns out ntp service was broken since at least v0.3.0
We’ll fix it and add configuration options in a future release (not sure it will make into v0.3.4, but we’ll see).

Regarding ntp behind proxy, I’ve found this trick (requires Debian or Ubuntu console to perform):

I’ll address proxying system-docker in a separate reply.

Docker daemon can only be configured to use proxy with http_proxy environment variable.

So, currently, system-docker can’t use proxy, because there’s no way to put an environment variable into system-docker configuration right now.

However, you can try to set up a transparent proxy.


but ntp are in internal net, sorry to mix two doubts in one topic.

A proxy setting for system-docker are for install docker containers.


you can pass https_proxy to kernel boot parms, normally these vars will pass to pid 1 process – system_docker.

for example:

  1. mount /dev/vda1 /mnt
  2. vi /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg
  3. append “HTTPS_PROXY= HTTP_PROXY=” to linux line
  4. reboot

you can also pass the params in ipxe boot script or edit it in grub menu screen.

Worked Like a charm … Cheers


Hey @LuizFuzaro,

As of v0.6.0 you can now change the NTP configuration via a write_files stanza in cloud-config. See here: