OES11 and Novell Website

Shame on you!

Maybe somewhere at Novell should have a look at the download page for
OES2015 and check the links (for all languages!)

The links guide you to very old pages about OES2 (Coolsolutions) or to the
product page of OES11SP2 (at least in german language)

This is not the show I want to see for the new version.


Hi Bernd,

This is out of the realm of the support managers but I’ll certainly
pass along your concern and chiding to the web team. FYI in the
future, your best bet to get that kind of information direction to who
it should go to is to use the FEEDBACK link on the bottom of the web
page you want to report.

Kim - 9/4/2015 11:45:06 AM


I see that the OES Product Manager has responded to you directly by
email with the following:

Hi Bernd,

The website update will be done along with marketing launch (website,
social media, newsletter, campaings, .etc) on Sep 14th and this is by
plan, to avoid losing attention in the holiday season. Until then the
OES landing page will link to OES11 SP2. If any is broken there, it’s
possibly due to re-branding exercise that’s on. We’ll review and get
them fixed.

Until 14th, OES 2015 can be found only in the new releases section in

Please reach out to share any other issues or concerns.


Product Manager, OES

Kim - 9/4/2015 12:30:51 PM