open-vm-tools-desktop no longer available

Last couple of updates have removed the open-vm-tools-desktop which I believe supported the cut-copy-paste feature between desktops.

Now cut-copy-paste and the open-vm-tools-desktop is no longer available. Is there a plan to re-add it or is it gone for good ?
Won’t be happy if it’s gone for good as we use the cut-copy-paste feature all the time when migrating from 12 to 15.

And before you ask - we cannot do an in-place upgrade of 12 as we built all our 12sp3 servers from sp0. Which is an not recommended upgrade path.


Hi cisaksen,

just to be clear: is this about SLES15? If so, have you checked that it’s not just moved to the desktop extension? (I cannot look it up myself, as I’m on the road right now.)


Both are available…

zypper if open-vm-tools-desktop

Information for package open-vm-tools-desktop:
Repository     : SLE-Module-Desktop-Applications15-Updates for x86_64     
Name           : open-vm-tools-desktop

zypper if open-vm-tools

Information for package open-vm-tools:
Repository     : SLE-Module-Basesystem15-Updates for x86_64
Name           : open-vm-tools

perhaps the system is not subscribed to the respective update channels?

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the desktop extension need a separate license ?

I don’t think so since I see it on aarch64 which doesn’t have the WE

Can you check your system to see what’s available;

SUSEConnect --list-extensions

SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-desktop-applications/15/x86_64

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That seems to have worked, I add the repo to the SUMA 3.2 and set it to the VM and it pulled it down and installed no problem.