SLE12 on VMWare Workstation 11 - Copy&Paste not working


I’m new here and currently in the process of evaluating SLE12 where I’ve run into an issue that hopefully someone here can help with…

I’ve got Win7 as a Host with VMWare Workstation 11 installed. There I’ve installed SLE12 with the open-vm-tools that come with it. However, copy&paste, drag&drop and sharing folders with the host is not working at all but the automatic screen resizing when changing window size is working.

I’ve already tried removing the open-vm-tools and using the VMWare tools that come with VMWare Workstation but that had the same effect.

On the same host and Workstation installation I also use SLE11 SP3 (with VMware-Tools-OSP) and Ubuntu 14.04 (just standard easy install) and with both all the features, even Unity, work fine.

Anyone have an idea what the issue could be?

Many thanks in advance!


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