OpenStack Auth Domain

Should Rancher be able to OpenStack auth against other domains besides Default?

Rancher has no integration with OpenStack other than as a docker-machine driver, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.

Yeah. It’s that docker-machine integration I’m asking about. Rancher’s docker-machine driver seems to support AuthUrl version 2, but not version 3. Version 3 of the OpenStack Auth URL supports specifying an auth Domain. Does that sound accurate?

We use upstream the docker-machine binary. So whatever it supports, we support.
Here’s a snippet of the help from docker-machine:

docker-machine create -d openstack --help
Usage: docker-machine create [OPTIONS] [arg...]

Create a machine

   Run 'docker-machine create --driver name' to include the create flags for that driver in the help text.

   --openstack-auth-url 										OpenStack authentication URL [$OS_AUTH_URL]
   --openstack-availability-zone 									OpenStack availability zone [$OS_AVAILABILITY_ZONE]
   --openstack-domain-id 										OpenStack domain ID (identity v3 only) [$OS_DOMAIN_ID]
   --openstack-domain-name 										OpenStack domain name (identity v3 only) [$OS_DOMAIN_NAME]

Are you referring to the openstack-domain-id and openstack-domain-name fields?
If so, they are supported by us. Here’s a screen grab of them in the UI:

Or are you asking about something different?

Rancher uses docker-machine to provision VMs on openstack. Docker-machine and so Rancher, they simply pass the required parameters of openstack to openstack API and then the openstack APIs take care of provisioning the VMs.

Yes, it supports domains other than default. We just have to pass the right domain name in domainName in rancher openstack API.