Deploy RancherOS with rancher api and openstack


Is it possible to specify a “Configuration Drive” to deploy a OpenStack host with API and rancher Machine Driver ?

We are just calling docker-machine drivers for Openstack and it looks like they don’t have that option in their driver.

This is unfortunate because it means using RancherOS in Rancher is not possible if you happen to be using Openstack.

We have an on-premise Openstack deployment (private cloud) and I’ve deployed a Rancher master server on RancherOS, but the worker nodes I’ve had to put on Ubuntu.

An easier fix / path of less resistance might be to support reading the config in from the Openstack metadata service in RancherOS instead of requiring the config drive.

You can file an issue in rancher/os to support this. I’m not sure if this solution would still require any additional options in Docker Machine though.

Looks like there’s an open issue for this, but it has been open for some time.