Overriding the namespace will also change the app name

Is there a way to change the app name regardless of the namespace? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about it in the documentation …

When setting up the app, I want to fill in the name field and namespace field according to the information in question.yml.


Is there a way to set the app name based on an ENUM question?

The Name and Namespace of the app itself are are not part of the values file and cannot be set by a question.

In the near future for 2.5 and the new catalog in the dashboard UI (only), charts can have annotations which sets a fixed name and/or namespace which the chart must be deployed as. This is still not based on a question and can’t be changed by the user if set, but may be similar to what you want.

Thanks, this is what I want. Unfortunately I find no documentation about the new apps. Is there any documentation anywhere?

I would also be interested if the old catalog apps still work in Rancher > 2.5 …