Patch for broken samba in SLES15SP3 when?

Recently about 10day ago SuSE published a samba security update with package version samba 4.13.13+git.528.140935f8d6a-3.12.1, about day later 4.13.13+git.531.903f5c0ccdc-3.17.1.
These new version immediately broke our SLES15SP3 samba server, so that no one (about 200 users) was able to connect to samba any more. This was caused by a bug in this new 4.13.13+git.528 - samba version that in between has been fixed by the samba team. See here:

At the moment we use an older samba version which was still fine (4.13.10+git.236.0517d0e6bdf-3.7.12) and I am waiting for new patched samba packages from SuSE that include the new code from above to fix the samba problem.

Can anyone tell when this will happen?

Rainer Krienke