Pbm to access a port on my localhost

Dear community,

I’m new to docker and i’m facing a pbm that I don’t find the explanation.
I’ve inherited of some integration tests executed to validate some behavior of an application.

Test use a docker container executing the application to test, then it launches some tests on the localhost.
The application in the container needs to communicate with a servlet mocked by the test.
Every thing is running on a windows computer (my colleagues too but tests are working for them).

Once application is running in the container, testing tool starts a Jetty server listening on port 52555.

If I call http://localhost:52555/mypage or on my localhost I’ve got a successfull answer.

If I call curl or curl http://host.docker.internal:52555/mypage or curl form the container terminal the command line just wait…

My opignon is that port is not correctly forwarded.
In the docker compose I’ve configured
- “host.docker.internal:”
as one of my colleague suggest me, but it does not change.

I think that I’ve missed something, but what ?? Do I need to configure port forwarding ?

Have you any suggestion or documentation page to give me ?

Thanks for your help.