Please Help! Can't install SLES 12-1 on my newly built rig!

Hello Fellow SUSE/ SLES users!
I just set up a new rig for school today, my specs being
MSI B450M Pro VDH Max
AMD Ryzen 3400g w/ integrated graphics Radeon Vega 11
16gb ram
1tb nvme ssd
No Dedicated Graphics, just integrated ^^
So I am trying to install SLES 12-1 for a class and cant seem to get it going. I have read to use nomodeset by entering e in the startup screen(I hope im doing it right by putting it in the front of splash=silent and even putting it in the front of the splash=silent text then hit f10) I originally didnt do this in the first ever try and of course it didnt work. So I read up on the issue and have read about graphic card issues along with their drivers. I did both the instructions I mentioned in the parenthesis and still no dice. Im pulling my hair out trying to figure this out! I get through all the install screens then when I finally get to the last it starts installing then around 23% with 1090 packages to go it freezes. Iv been reading about how this has been an issue for a while. Maybe I should get a better version(sles 15) I just know my school may want to do this on sles 12 also being that they gave us the files to do so. Is sles15 free? I know Linux is usually open source so I may answered my own question. Just need some help I am a noob as far as installing linux as a main OS. I have more experience with Vms and what not. Also to mention I put this sles 12-1.iso image on a usb through rufus -exfat just in case if anyone is wondering.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
I suspect the hardware is too new for such an old out of support release… installing SLES 15 SP2 would be your best option.

Well there are a couple of options for licensing, best one would be the Education offerings, else could look at a one year developer license,

Thank You! I will look into that. I figured as much! Using a more up to date version should work.

Hey just an update and sorry for being late on this, but SLES 15 works great on my new rig. Im still learning a lot and do need help with vmware tho. Gonna start another thread about that. Wish me luck! Just so everyone knows I downloaded SLES 15 sp 2 from SUSE’s website for free and booted it through rufus!