Port schedule conflicts not workng

In my testing setup i have 2 hosts. I have two services - nginx which maps 443/80 “from host” and load balancer which is also want 443/80. Nginx rules place it on host1, and load balancer rules place it on every host.

I expected that lb will find out that 443/80 is already allocated for nginx on host1 and will run only on host2. Instead it has been scheduled on both hosts, has 2 ips in dns, but on host1 it will go to nginx. Looking at iptables there are two sets of rules for 80/443 on host1 and of course traffic goes to the first rule (nignx in this case).

What are my options? Can i ask rancher to “run lb on every host that has empty ports”?

PS: Rancher 1.3.3