Possible to see only 'user values' when checking installed (helm) app in Cluster Explorer, Rancher 2.7?

We are slowly migrating from production using Rancher 2.5 to 2.7. Currently evaluating version 2.7.4.
While it is really nice to have helm apps with the seamless installation via cli helm or via GUI apps. But not sure if I am missing something, but I cant figure out how to see only user modified values in cluster explorer GUI, like in cli:

> helm get values

It was possible to see in 2.5, while in 2.7 there are only complete values.yaml shown and it is really difficult to read, what was user’s modification. Is there any trick/setting to achieve this?

And similar to above - cant find some other option too - to rollback to previous revision (which was also possible in 2.5).

Thanks in advance for information!

@aregar Hi, I use the following for example to get those values when upgrading rancher?

helm get values rancher -n cattle-system

      enabled: false
hostname: <hostname>

Ty for your reply, but it is not the issue about the Rancher upgrade itself, upgrade went just fairly smooth.

It is the inquiry in general - when one is already smoothly running the version 2.7.x. When any of the apps are installed (whether GUI in Cluster Explorer or via helm CLI), I am missing the option to easily see which settings in values.yaml were changed by the user. While CLI way, using command like ‘helm get values -n xx’ gives that info, I am lacking the possibility in GUI.