Possible to set allow-snippet-annotations for nginx through helm chart options?


I am a complete newbie trying to learn about Kubernetes and am re-creating things I am presently using as a random set of containers. I have chosen Rancher on RKE2 on a Debian server as my playground.

One of those things is nextcloud that unfortunately needs to use a nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/server-snippet. Those snippets are now disabled as default and the installation fails. I am aware of the security implications and I was able to allow the snippets via the rke2-ingress-nginx-controller configmap; I however did not find a way to do this via the helm chart --set options.

Is it possible? If not, would it be something the chart developers would consider?


We also deploy Nextcloud in K8s.

We had to use our own ingress controller, the official nginx one, probably the same as Rancher (Welcome - NGINX Ingress Controller).

But with that, we could enable :

  • server-snippet
  • LoaBalancer type service