How to set Ingress header cache-control: no-store

I am moving my application from base-line K8S to Rancher and I have run into a critical issue preventing the use of Rancher. My application requires the header Cache-Control: no-store be sent to the browser. Any kind of browser side caching breaks the application and causes many tickets and forces users to constantly have to clear cache… In the base-line K8S, this is done by using snippets as there is no other possible ingress configuration.

I have found that snippets are hard disabled in Rancher for security reasons. Does Rancher not provide any other possibility of setting the Cache-Control header on the ingress? Without this capability, Rancher is pretty much a no-go for my application.

“Rancher” is only a control system for k8s. What did you install as downstream cluster?
If k3s, then you can always decide not to install the default ingress (your you can install another ingress controller in parallel) and configure it to your liking. Or configure a traefik ingress Middleware resource to set the headers (Traefik Headers Documentation - Traefik" ). or if you have controll of the application, set the correct headers in the application, not on the proxy.

I do not own the cluster, but I do have a ticket open with them for this as well. They, in-turn, have a ticket open with Rancher.

I have tried to set the header in the application but the proxy eats the header and replaces it with a different value that breaks our application.

Have you looked into “annotations” on your ingress?