Private message from box293

Hi there,
I’m sending you a private message as I think you might know the right people I need to get in contact with. You’ve helped me here in the past:

I work as a contractor for Nagios Enterprises. I’ve been doing a fair amount of documentation and are responsible for the following articles:

You can see in the articles I’ve provided steps for installing these products on SUSE. To do this originally I simply used evaluation licenses however they’ve since expired and without creating dummy email addresses I don’t have a way of easily installing packages on the OS.

Is there a developers license that can be purchased, or do you have a developer program available?

You can see that by providing installation instructions for the SUSE OS I am promoting the use of the SUSE OS with the different Nagios packages.

Not sure if you can help or if you are able to point me in the right direction.


Troy Lea