Private message from Jens-U

Hi tojanov,

I’ve received feedback from SUSE concerning your problem description - it was in response turned into an internal Bugzilla report, but a service request from your part is needed to further process things.

When opening the SR, please mention that your report is with regards to Bugzilla bug #855092 and that the SR should be assigned to Hans van den Heuvel. It would be very helpful if you could also provide the details to the questions I mentioned in the forum, as these were asked by the product developers: “Could you collect /proc/meminfo and /proc/vmstat while kswapd is at 100% CPU (taken every 1s or so)? This would help further diagnosing the effect. Is this by chance a NUMA machine?”

I would very much appreciate if you could confirm this message got your attention and whether you were able to open the SR, as I have SUSE folks pending your response.

With regards,