Private message from VargaPeter

Dear malcolmlewis,

I am asking you if you could provide me a paid support. I am stuck and suddenly a very important VM started to make problems.
After a while the file system is running out of space. I haven’t done anything. I haven’t touched the disks, I haven’t resized any disk. Nothing.
Furthermore, I wasn’t working on the VM for around 4 weeks. It was more or less in the idle mode.

Now, this moment when I write you this message the VM crashed with lot of error message in the console and became destroyed.
I am totally desperate. I have backups of all files on a backup server, but to set up this VM would be an incredible work…
The point is, none of the VM backups seem to work. As it would be virus that any backup I restore is infected and doesn’t work.
I need to know what is going on. Because when all other VMs start this way then I am in big trouble.

Can you support me and if yes, what are your conditions?

Thank you so much, Peter