Problem after update to SUSE 10 SP3

Hi to all,

on virtual machine SUSE 10 SP2 , virtualized with ESX server, I
installed the update to SP3 by following the suggestions of the document
“How to upgrade to SLES / SLED 10 SP3” (7004640) → "Procedure for
updating from SLES 10 Service Pack 2 and SLED 10 Service Pack 2 → by
booting from SLES / SLED 10 SP3 media. "
I Perform a system update instead of a fresh installation and I
followed the steps required. After the reboot the network card eth0 was
present but was no longer connected. It seemed that the problem was in
the vmware tools that were not installed and contained the drivers for
network cards. After installing the vmware tools, the virtual machine
restart with the eth0 connects but does not recognize the partition
/dev/sda3 and obviously does not restart. I saved a snapshot of the
machine to the situation before the update so I can try again.
Suggestions of different procedures or, using the same procedure, eth0
to connect without installing the tools?

thanks in advance



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