Problem using a custom driver for fully unattended Deploy

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble executing a fully unattended network deployment of SLES 11 SP2 on a ProLiant DL360e Gen8.

First thing I tried was downloading the Driver Disc for my Server at
You would just have to add following line to your pxelinux.cfg addon=pathtodriverkit It applied the drivers succesfully - now that was simple.
Unfortunately the driver kit doesn’t contain the necessary B320i Sata Raid controller driver “hpvsa-kmp-default-1.2.6-11.sles11sp2.x86_64.rpm”.

After googling for a while I figured out that I might need to create a custom Installation Media with SLES SDK.
So that’s what I did, I could succesfully implement all of the drivers but I could not sign it however. And that’s a problem, because if the media is not signed it will display a notification before setup begins, preventing fully unattended progress.

Do you guys have any advice how I could add the driver to my SLES repository or could you think of any other workaround?

Best regards,