Problem with installation

I am trying to install RancherOS but I have trouble setting up the name server and ros install fails without it.

Any idea how to proceed?

This is not a RancherOS particular problem. you will fail to do so in most of the linux systems.
Using vi to edit the file. instead. If you prefer doing it from cmd line, try this instead:
echo “nameserver 8.8.8.” | sudo tee -a /etc/resolv.conf

Good luck!

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Thank you very much liyi! :astonished:

If you’d like a laugh, let me tell you the story on how I ending up trying to echo into resolv.conf :slight_smile:

$ sudo vim resolv.conf → vim? No vim installed

  • hmm, I know, nano
    $ sudo nano resolv.conf → nano? No nano either
  • hmm, since it’s a small image, it many not include any editor… now what? oh, I have a great idea! :sunglasses:

no vim, but vi should be there. This is a very compact system, it dose not have anything that needed. IMHO, this is also one of the feature that make RancherOS unique.

Another way to do modify the content of the file is to use cloud-init.

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In my day we just needed a magnet held over the hard drive and a steady hand to flip the desired bits. But yes vi is in busybox, not vim.


I hear magnets were pretty useful in the old days :smiley: :innocent:

Love the magnet flipping part…