Problems on a first steps

Hi, I’ve installed the ROS some time ago but not using it at all. Today I did an upgrade from 0.4 or something like that to 1.4.0 and inside the Rancher I can’t see any Host in the Infrastructure. I did some downgrade and everything was ok. But after some next upgrade tries I decided to start over and I’ve installed clean RancherOS from the ISO.

I was trying to start service rancher-server-stable with no success (at first I did ros service enable):

[root@rancher rancher]# ros service up rancher-server-stable
INFO[0000] Project [os]: Starting project               
No such service: rancher-server-stable

So I’ve ended with rancher-server which is probably bleeding edge, right?

But problem is that Infrastructire > Hosts section is still empty. Why the Rancher can’t detect the docker?

Docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40 … regarding the list this is supported, whole ROS is running on this docker and at least it is stock, I didn’t do anything just add the fixed IP and ssh key.

I see, I have to do that “Add host” process and execute the command from step 5. … whatever, now it is working.

But still I don’t know what is wrong with the rancher-server-stable service.

btw. I can’t tell a good word about the ROS documentation, for me (aka total noob who even never ever used the docker) this is the pain in the a… I was expecting some step-by-step installation guide where one can read that there are some services and all are disabled by default, etc.

any hint about the rancher-server-stable?

I think you should try my guide:

Thanks, but there is no explanation of differences between rancher-server-stable and rancher-server ROS packages and why the stable one is not working, etc.

Btw. If I see diskless computer, I expect PXE but from I saw in your guide there is no PXE section.

They are using different image. One is rancher/server:stable the other is rancher/server:latest.
I can run rancher-server-stable success.

ros service enable rancher-server-stable
ros service up rancher-server
docker ps -a

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                   COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                              NAMES
8c2bf98856bf        rancher/server:stable   "/usr/bin/entry /usr…"   2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes        3306/tcp,>8080/tcp   rancher-server