professional certificate validation

Dear Community,
Could you please advise on how can I validate my certificate “050-720 Certified Linux Administrator 11” which was issued to me in 2015. I only know my “Certification ID#”, and also I have a pdf copy of it.
Huge thank you in advance.

Hi @Iana ,
(Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for SUSE. I’m just another Forum user here)
The web page lists an e-mail address that may be useful for you to contact SUSE regarding your question:
By the way, in that same web page, the right hand side has a vertical navigation, including a “Certification Resources” section. In that “Certification Resources” section, there’s a “Certification Database (login required)” - - that may also help you: if you are able to log in there, you should see the Certificates of your SUSE Certifications in the “My Certifications” web page - - including, I think, the certificate of your CLA (Certified Linux Administrator). As you probably know, SUSE changed the “CLA” (Certified Linux Administrator) designation to “SCA” (SUSE Certified Administrator) a few years ago, probably in 2016 - see
I hope this helps!