Proud to be a part of SUSE

Being at SUSE since 2000 in germany and later in switzerland, I always felt welcome just as I am. It felt always like being in a family. It was never an issue when chatting with colleagues and mention my boyfriend. No need to hide the fact that I’m gay. And this was long before a specific employee network was build for LGBTQI+. But I understand that in these countries I’m living and working in are very priviledged with regards to LGBTQI+. Which does not mean, that there are still rights to work for (fight is the wrong term for IMHO). Nevertheless when the idea of such an employee network came up within SUSE, I was first wondering why we need that, as it seems to work in SUSE with regards to LGBTQI+. But I completely missed the fact that such a network also helps with messaging to the outside world and with regards to internal processes and ethical standards across the globe. Today I’m feeling proud to over twenty years with my in meantime “husband” (registered partnership) and still being a part of a company that provides me a working home like no one else before.
I wish all of you have the opportunity in these weeks of the year to celebrate what the LGBTQI+ community achieved but also to draw attention to what still needs to get better. Humans need reminders like me (see above) to notice drawbacks that are outside their personal perceptual field.
Happy Pride, Torsten

Happy Pride Torsten!


Happy pride, Torsten! Awesome post! <3