Provisioning UEFI PXE

Hello together,

at the moment I am try to provision some new machines via PXE and UEFI boot with Suse Manager 3.1 and i got stuck in some trouble. PXE with BIOS machines works great, but UEFI doesn’t at all.
I came to the point where the TFTP-Server seems to have successfully served the “grub/grub-x86_64.efi” file. But nothing happens then.

Has anyone already successfully provisioned a UEFI system?

Additional Info:

  • Suse Manager 3.1
  • Server to provision: HP 580 GEN 9


Hi Matthias,

we have the same problem. After some research it seems that we have to use syslinux instead of pxelinux for UEFI based machines but we haven’t tested it yet. This will start next week an I’ll post the results here.

A similar issue was fixed in SUSE Manager 3.0 in Summer 2017. Please open a service request for SUSE Manager 3.1 to have engineering take a closer look.

Hi kwk,

does that mean, that if I will use the older version 3.0 it should work?
At the moment I no servers connected to my SUSE Manager and provisioning these new servers is my main goal.

I finally got it working on SUMA 3.1.
I simply had to install two packages “shim” and “grub2-x86_64-efi” and run a “cobbler sync” after that.

Plus some fixing on my dhcpd.conf and now every is working smoothly.