python daemon module

Anyone know what python package contains the daemon module ? Looked for a python-daemon but it didn’t exist.

I’m trying to run a python script originally written for redhat. It states that it can’t find the daemon module.

The product is the nginx-nr-agent (nginx newrelic plugin 2.0) for monitoring nginx on newrelic.


It is called python-daemon :wink: Anyway I’ve packaged it up for you in my testing project (not supported of course);

You will need to grab any additional python packages from the openSUSE Build Service devel:languages:python project, but it needs python-lockfile which is part of SLE so should be fine, else visit here;

Thanks for the package, you wouldn’t happen to know why certain packages like this are missing from SUSE 12 ? php5-phar is another one I needed for drush which is also missing but it appears in other distros. Found it on openSuse repos.

thanks for your resolve i hv the same problem but i dont fix it with this.