Question about /proc/kcore

I have a server OES2SP3/SLES10SP4 that is running fine except for the following,

if I do a df - h it is showing as 98% disk full on the “/” partition. When digging a little deeper we find that the /proc/kcore file is using up 8.7 GB we have already tried rebooting the server, and have found tid 7004153 which details that this is not an issue, but we have some nervous folks, that we would like to ally their concerns.

Any thoughts?

Have you asked over (or searched) in subforums?

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 17:04:01 +0000, dschaldenovell wrote:

Any thoughts?[/color]

/proc is not a “real” filesystem, but rather a filesystem with nodes that
point to internal kernel data structures.

/proc/kcore is (as I recall) the kernel core image in memory, or
something similar to that.


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Have you asked over (or searched) in subforums?[/QUOTE]

I just posted this same message this morning in that location. Thank you,