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I have a question about the versioning. I want to setup a cluster with Rancher, therefore I used RKE v0.2.2. When I create the config with $ rke config there is a question about the Kubernetes Docker image. The default value is rancher/hyerkube:v1.13.5-rancher1. On Docker Hub I can also find the newer Version v1.14.1. I know it is currently experimental, but what is the difference between v1.14.1-rancher1 and v1.14.1-rancher2?
Also I am a little bit confused about the version selection in Rancher itself, when I create a new cluster. kubernetes
Is there also a reason why v0.1.18 of RKE is newer than v0.2.2? Are the any breaking changes between version 0.1 and 0.2?

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vX.Y.Z (i.e. v1.14.1) are the upstream k8s version, the rest is packaging; The difference between v1.14.1-rancher1 and v1.14.1-rancher2 specifically is allowing coredns to come from the configured mirror server, which it wasn’t for some reason before (#c1bd3d84).

RKE 0.1.x is packaged with Rancher 2.1.x, 0.2.x with Rancher 2.2.x; 0.1.18 is “newer” just because there’s been a patch for it since the last 0.2.x release.

Okay thanks for the clarification. I understand the changes, but don’t understand the version tags. In Rancher itself I see the versions from the screenshot above. However on Docker Hub I see the following Tags

. Which one will be used and why? Also which should I use in rke?
Maybe the different versions and how they are related to each other should be documented somewhere. Also I find the naming of the packaging is a little bit confusing, because of the two completely different versions of Rancher itself.
As well the install documentation of rke Rancher Docs: RKE Kubernetes Installation shouldn’t be simple reference the latest tag from the repository (Release Release v1.3.1 · rancher/rke · GitHub). Of cource this is the latest release but not the newest version.

Can nobody explain it?