Rancher 0.47 host removed in UI is not removed from AWS


Using Rancher 0.47 I’ve found that when removing an Amazon EC2 host via the Rancher UI, where it was initially created, it’s deleted from the UI but isn’t removed from AWS. The previous Rancher release (I think it was 0.45 I was using) seemed to manage this without issue. I’m working in the EU (Ireland) region using zones eu-west-1(a-c).

Can anyone confirm if this is repeatable? The only thing I can think of that may have a bearing (although I’m not sure why) is that the instance I deleted was created in Rancher 0.45, not 0.47 which I’m now using.


I haven’t been able to reproduce. I launch hosts all the time using DO and whenever I de-activate/delete them, they are removed from DO.

If you are still seeing this issue in Rancher, can you grab the logs from rancher-server when you deleted the host. Please hide any credentials information.

I just launched and destroyed an instance using this 0.47 and it’s worked fine this time, maybe it was an AWS glitch - I’ll try and monitor what happens next time I remove and instance and give more detail if the issue occurs again. Thanks.