Rancher 2.6.1 Cluster Tools Page not loading


I upgraded from Rancher 2.5.9 to 2.6.1.
The upgrade finished successfully but I found a problem now.

When I click on “Cluster Tool” the page is loading forever and nothing happens.
In the Rancher Logs there is no long entry.

Does someone have the same issue or have a idea how to fix this ?

Have you deleted or somewhat modified the default rancher-charts ClusterRepo?

If I delete the rancher-charts repo, I get following error in browser console:

TypeError: this.rancherCatalog is undefined

Plus there is this check if you modify the ClusterRepo’s URL:

I delete the rancher labs repos and added my own repos.
I addded the rancher apps repo again. And now the “Cluster Tools” Page is working again