Rancher 2.6.3: Not seeing CPU/Memory usage stats from agents behind NAT

Hello folks! I have successfully setup a K3S server managed with Rancher on an EC2 instance, connected agents to it that live behind a NAT and even ran some test workloads. So far so great! What is making me tear my hair out is that when I connect the agents to the EC2 instance, I no longer see CPU or Memory usage in Rancher. I can see how many CPUs each node has and the max RAM but not how much is in use!
Conversely, if I connect the exact same agents to a K3S/Rancher instance on the same network as the agents, lo and behold I see stats in Rancher.

I am using v1.22.7 for both agents and servers and Rancher 2.6.3
Your help will be greatly appreciated :smiley:

In my experience, this has nothing to do with network issues. It simply does not work with k3s. How you managed to get it to work on the same network, I cannot follow.

This how it looked on local:

This is what we saw in racher:

It just does, cannot explain why.

Any fix for this? seeing the same on v2.6.5.