Rancher Catalog GlusterFS package missing

Greetings All,

I am working through some Rancher examples that I have come across with the latest one that I am attempting is “Setting up a scalable and highly available WordPress environment with Rancher and Docker” (http://rancher.com/setting-up-a-scalable-and-highly-available-wordpress-environment-with-rancher-and-docker/)

It appears that the “GlusterFS” package is no longer present in the Rancher catalog.

Is there a way to add it back, or how can I add my own alternate entry from Docker Hub, perhaps as I have not learned how to do this yet in Rancher?

I would like to set up a private Registry as well, but I have not gotten to that part yet as an example.


The GlusterFS package has been removed because it is no longer being maintained by Rancher or anyone in the community.

Rancher are working on “Project Longhorn” at the moment - which will provide new storage functionality: https://github.com/rancher/longhorn.

Your best option at the moment is to use NFS or look at some of the other storage providers like Portworx (https://portworx.com/) for this kind of thing. There are catalog entries for Portworx, and there is a Github repo with their free developer version here: https://github.com/portworx/px-dev.

So far, volume management has been one of my greatest sources of stress
with Docker. There are a bunch of cool-sounding volume management systems
available, including Portworx, Convoy, Flocker, etc. The problem I always
run into with the documentation is the assumption that either you’re
running your rancher instance on a non-RancherOS host, or you’re running it
on Amazon, etc. This makes getting anything set up and working an absolute
nightmare. I’m hoping that Longhorn will offer a reliable and easy to set
up storage option, but I’m not holding my breath.