Rancher & Cattle


If I’ve missed this in the documentation please feel free to point me there but I’m wondering why you use Cattle as a scheduler if you have already integrated K8S?



Cattle was the initial container orchestration that Rancher was created on. In the past several months, we’ve slowly increased the functionality of Rancher to select other container orchestration methods. Not everyone will want to use k8s, so we will continue to maintain and highlight Cattle as a method of being able to manage containers.

Thanks for the response Denise. Does this mean that installing K8S replaces Cattle at a system scheduling level, or does it only get used for user containers?

Do you have a feature comparison around for Cattle versus K8S?



Using a k8s environment would be another way to handle container orchestration when compared to cattle.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have a direct comparison of features between cattle vs. k8s.