Rancher api catalog with environment catalog


I’m able to install a stack with “rancher catalog install” only for a Global Catalog. I have a “Template version not found” error message
And when I execute “rancher catalog ls”, only the catalog Global is displayed.

With the UI, I can add stack from Global and Environment catalog.
Is there any constraints to use “rancher catalog install” with an Environment catalog ?

Rancher: v1.6.18
Rancher CLI: v0.6.9

Thanks for your help,

I have the same issue. I use the following shell command (ansible) to add a new catalog to a new environment:

rancher --url {{ customer_rancher_url }}        \
        --access-key {{ rancher_access_key }}   \
        --secret-key {{ rancher_secret_key }}   \
        --env {{ project_name }}                \
        catalog install {{ catalog_url }}       \
        --name {{ catalog_name }}

After execution I get the following error message:

Template version not found

I have no problem to add the catalog via the Rancher UI with the same data and information.

Rancher: 1.6.20
Rancher CLI: 0.6.11