Rancher-compose backwards compatiablity with 1.1.X

I have several rancher servers on 1.1.0 and I am deploying some new rancher servers running 1.2.2. I use rancher-compose to deploy my services, but it would appear that using rancher-compose v0.12.1 cannot deploy to the 1.1.0 version giving the error:

Failed to open project my_projects: Failed to find schema at [https://myproject.com/v2-beta/projects/1a5]

Moreover, using v0.8.5, which comes with rancher 1.1.0 cannot deploy projects to 1.2.2. because the configs are using docker-compose v2 format. Is there a way to have rancher-compose 0.12.1 deploy to the older version of rancher? Or a version of rancher-compose that will work with both?


No, there is not a version which supports both v1.1.x and 1.2.x.

@vincent Thank you for letting me know.