Rancher-compose up hangs when sidekicks defined

I have the following docker-compose file. As it stands it works just fine. However if I uncomment the sidekick label then rancher-compose simply hangs, no output, nothing shown in Rancher UI. Rancher-compose 0.5.1

 image: docker.pibenchmark.com/contract-management-api:0.0.30
 description: Contract Management Module
  EUREKA_CLIENT_SERVICEURL_DEFAULT_ZONE: http://eureka:8761/eureka/
 - infrastructure/keycloak:keycloak
 - infrastructure/eureka:eureka
 - cmm-data:mongodb
# labels:
#   io.rancher.sidekicks: cmm-data
 tty: true
 stdin_open: true
  image: mongo
  - cmm-data:/data/db
  volume_driver: convoy

I’v just proved definitively that sidekicks are mutually exclusive with links. Shame as I wanted to make my databases sidekicks of the services for tidiness. Is there a reason why this is so?

Yes, you cannot link with a sidekick, but in your use case, I think you are looking for this enhancement. This would allow you to remove the links and the environment variables that are typically taken care of through the “links” would be automatically done for sidekicks.

That would be ideal. In essence a sidekick would be transparently linked. It’s really only for tidiness in the UI. Se have a number of services which use a private database which doesn’t need to visually be a whole separate service.