Rancher desktop - port 2375?

In an attempt to find a viable alternative to docker desktop, …

  • I’ve installed rancher desktop on my windows workstation (after deleting docker desktop and aliasing nerdctl to docker)

  • basic nerdctl commands work

  • However, when attempting to build java source code using the maven fabric8 plugin, … I encounter the following error. I’d like to know what I need to expose in rancher (equivalent to docker)

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin:0.33.0:build (docker-image-build-verify) on project xxxxx-container: Cannot create docker access object : Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused: connect -> [Help 1]

Some background on port 2375

I could be wrong but, I think, the maven plugin talks to a docker socket. Rancher Desktop does not provide a docker socket at the moment. This would cause issues like the ones you’re seeing.

You should be able to have Docker Desktop and Rancher Desktop side by side on a system. Better Docker compatibility is planned for the upcoming 0.7 release.

I confirm Rancher Desktop 0.7 on Windows with dockerd (moby) container runtime works with IDEs (JetBrains, VS Code…) by default.
However, have issue with popular Java library TestContainers, it seems not working. TestContainers is able to find Docker API in Rancher Desktop, but for some reason starting a container hangs.