Rancher Desktop Question about Install

I don’t see a topic section for Rancher Desktop. Is there a place to put questions related to this interface? I ran into an issue with the installation during the Rancher Academy training for Kubernetes. It installed but said that its running the docker-desktop and not the rancher one and when I try to execute kube control commands it says it can’t talk to the server and that the port is reset.I used all the defaults on the installation, so not sure what is going on. Happy to provide more details, images, etc, if needed once I figure out where to post this, lol…

@LittleJoe what OS in use? Did you configure Rancher-Desktop to use containerd? Do you have Docker-Desktop installed as well?

Win 11, I started with dockerd and then switched to containerd. Both give the same results. Nothing else installed docker-wise and no environmental vars defined for docker either…

@LittleJoe and is rancher-desktop[-data] the only two files present in WSL2 output?

wsl --status
Default Distribution: rancher-desktop
Default Version: 2

Not sure what you mean by WSL2 output? Am I asking WSL to display something? I thought it was just a linux shell for windows?

@LittleJoe no that’s good, it’s just showing what is running and rancher-desktop is the default.

So if you select the rancher-desktop icon and right click and select the context (I think) line item, does it show rancher-desktop selected?

the shortcut goes to “C:\Program Files\Rancher Desktop", but i do notice that there is an entry in the diagnostics section of desktop. it says " Kubernetes is using context docker-desktop instead of rancher-desktop .” So I’m not sure what that is about. When I do my tests i am just in powershell putting in kubectl commands, not sure if the “desktop error” affects that or not.

@LittleJoe so use kubectl to switch contexts kubectl config use-context rancher-desktop

hmm… so now I’m getting responses back and the diag says no problems detected! So that was it? I wonder how the context got changed, and why that wasn’t mentioned in the notes for the setup, though I do see mention in the troubleshooting guide about checking the context…

@LittleJoe yes, it’s always worth checking what context is in use, it is an Academy, a teaching moment :wink: Glad it’s all working now, enjoy!