Rancher external dns (dnsimple provider) stranger behavior

Hi all,

i’ve been trying to use rancher dnsimple catalog app , but using 2 different catalog app.
the first one is populated in the dnsimple DNS zone. but the other one is not.

for example, using https://github.com/rancher/community-catalog/tree/master/templates/pxc

DNS Zone in dnsimple isn’t populated, but if i try : https://github.com/rancher/community-catalog/tree/master/templates/wordpress

my DNS Zone is populated , same with adding Load-Balancer service

any idea why , in a case my DNS zone is populated and not in the other ?

Thanks a lot guys!


I looked at your catalog entry and I don’t see a “ports” section on any of your services.

External DNS only makes entries for services that have ports published.

thanks a lot !

now i know why :slight_smile: