Rancher helm vs. vanilla helm

I tried to find documentation on the differences between the rancher built-in helm and the vanilla one that I can install with helm init. It would be great if there was at least a little bit of documentation answering the following questions:

  • what version of helm is built-in?
  • is there a way to use the build-in helm via any kind of cli?
  • will the build-in helm honor “helm.sh” annotations and execute hooks accordingly?
  • can we install vanilla helm side by side the built-in one without causing issues?
  • what is the recommendation: install helm charts via the rancher UI or via vanilla helm?

Pretty sure most people working with helm charts have these questions.

Apart from that Rancher 2 is great!

Thanks, Thorsten

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How to use helm in rancher 2.0?

I don’t think Rancher bundles helm itself, I think it parses the helm charts and does its thing on its own.