Rancher platform newbie quesitons

Hello floks,

I’m new to docker and rancher, and have some question on how to exploit this solution.
I currently have a rancher standalone server with 3 docker nodes. Configuration seems fine.

I would like to use this platform to deploy some of our apps, our standard is pretty simple :

  • apache2 proxy serving static files,
  • tomcat with webapps,

My questions :

  • as we need to map port 80 and 443 to the apache2 server, it means that with docker, I’ll have one big apache2 serer per hosts in order to serve ALL application ? In this case how to load balance ? What about High Availibility ?

  • For tomcat, is it a good practice to create one image per webapps ? (adding the war in that image)

Thank you !

Have you looked at Rancher Load Balancer service?